All about BeHoptimystic

BeHoptimystic is ran by me, Katy.  I have been collecting crystals, fossils and minerals for longer than I like to admit. Alongside this there has always been a strong interest in Spirituality/Spiritism and for the last 25 years or so I have worked in Spiritualist Churches as a working medium as well as providing private readings on request and teaching spiritual development to others. 

As well as all of this I have a family and work a part time "day job" as a teacher.  I am a Gemini through and through and this variety reflects that.  I have always had a creative side hustle making and selling things I have made since I was in my early twenties and this has continued, one of these has been making pendants and items out of crystals so I could wear what I felt I needed and in a large statement way that I couldn't find in the shops. 

This also helped me justify my large collection when I took it to an Art Event and it went down really well.  So, that led me to carry on, buy more crystals (lol) and start a market stall with all the items I make and things I buy in for all those crystal lovers out there (and how it has grown!). 

It has took me back to where I was 20 years or so ago, when the internet was just taking of and I started an online crystal shop called "Heavenly Crystals" which was a little ahead of its time and sold on to another crystal lover, but this time around I have a great market stall pitch and am really enjoying being out there with the public as well as supplying rarer and more unusual items.

Needless to say a lot of my work with crystals, fossils and minerals is intuitive and I like to see everyone and their choices in their own individuality.