BeHoptimystic Apothecary


The tools and guidelines/information provided here are all open to interpretation, it’s really is all about finding your own ritual and practice that lets you reclaim your power, take back control where you need to and find balance and peace within your own sphere. 

There really is only this suggestion that I would say everyone should follow, and that is not to aim to influence or change anyone else without their permission or knowledge or wish anyone any harm.  Oh, and when using candles, sage, incense, burning anything, always make sure it is fully extinguished after each use and stored safely.


Crystal Sand
This can be used as a clearing bed for your other stones, in mojo bags/bottles, as part of rituals for amplification and clearing. Available in Amethyst, Amazonite, Tigers Eye, Sodalite, Quartz and Rainbow Moonstone.  Match the crystal properties to your intention.  

Resins have been for time immemorial, a significant part of rituals within shamanism and religious worship, the ancient practice of resin burning can purify or have your spiritual perceptions heightened, make sure you always burn the incense in a fireproof bowl. Match the resin properties to your intention.  

Three Kings – frankincense, myrrh & bezoin – cleansing, spiritual growth, peace, prosperity, success, relief from anxiety & depression
Frankincense - body and soul healing, stress reducing, clears and purifies, balances mind, body & spirit, energetic purifier
Myrrh – enlightenment, seeing the truth, clearing negative energy

Bay leaves

Burning bay leaf for manifestation is a common, old practice.  You can write on it for setting an intention first to help you rid yourself of negative through patterns/worries or to attract more of what you would like in your life.    


Lighting a candle for a particular purpose or intention is practiced worldwide from people of all walks of life, spiritual practice and varied religions. Lighting a candle symbolizes bringing light to our wishes or desires.  Lighted candles are reflections of our emotional self and help to illuminate our hearts when we feel burdened.

Candles can be used as part of any combination for your ritual or intention setting.  Just pick the colour that resonates with your intention/the deeper meaning or your ritual. 

Red, Passion, energy, motivation, drive
White, peace, purity, tranquillity, new beginnings
Black, protection, absorbing negativity, completion/finality – to start on new beginning
Green, growth, abundance, success, healing (emotions)
Orange, joy, confidence, energy, playfulness
Yellow, the mind, focus, stimulating, optimism
Purple, intuition, success, emotional balance, guidance
Pink, love, connection, soothing (emotions)
Brown: grounding, health, endurance, courage
Blue; understanding, diplomacy, memory, forgiveness, truth, justice

Mojo Bags/Bottles

Mojo bags or intention bottles are made with items such as crystals, herbs, resin, coins, charms, flowers, ribbons, beads, a written note – prepared, charged and set with a particular intention.  They can then be carried with you or placed somewhere for a specific reason.  There are many “recipes” for these in books and online for lick, health, love, protection but you easily conjure your own by choosing items that support your intention and writing your note to be included. 

Palo Santo

‘Holy Wood’ or ‘Wood of the Saints’. Burning these sticks is a sacred practice by indigenous Andes communities to cleanse their space and ward off evil spirits. You do not need to use the whole stick in one go, it should last you a while as it can be kept and reused.

Burning sage is one of the oldest and purest methods of cleansing space, people and crystals. Open a window or door while you do this to let the smoke flow out and cleanse. You do not need to use the whole bundle in one go, it should last quite you a while as it can be kept and reused.