Spiritual Development (Mediumship)

Over the years I have sat in and ran, spiritual development circles in order to understand and unlock my and others potential in this area.  I would always advise anyone seeking to develop in this way to do this and to explore development circles in a few places and see which one feels right for them.  There are spiritualist churches/centres all over the country that offer these and a search for your local area will help you find them. 

A good secure circle should be based on traditional circles ran by spiritualists and aim to help you;

  • Develop your awareness of spirit where it’s needed
  • Develop or understand your own unique way of connecting/communicating with spirit
  • Develop control and self-discipline where it’s needed
  • To understand and recognise the difference between psychic and spirit links and how one supports the other

Everyone arrives to a circle at different stages of learning, some with very strong links to spirit already, and others seeking to develop links.  Some come with an expectation of what they would like to achieve others are just curious or find themselves “open” to spirit and want to understand it. The open circle is a place where everyone can sit in comfort and trust and allow their development to take place as it needs to.

All that happens within the circle is confidential as it is about building trust and confidence in not only spirit but ourselves as we work on our spiritual development.  Open conversation and group discussions should be left until after the circle is closed, allowing that time in the circle to be for spirit communication only.

Being based on a traditional circle means you would be working on developing links and communication with spirit.  Psychic work, being sensitive, helps us reach that end but it is the evidence of survival and true spirit links you would be sitting to develop.